2020/9/8  Opened a OnlyFans!

2020/7/1  Opened a dedicated page for KR members.

2020/6/26  Video sales have started on iwantclips.com.

2020/4/10  From Mistress Land, we released the DVD "Slave Auction`s Leftovers.".

2020/8/5  Added 6 New Tools to PLAY TOOL.

2019/11/11  Distribution of "Slave Auction`s Leftovers." from Mistress Land! !

20 19/7/30 The session image has been uploaded. to session-3.

2019/6/10  From Mistress Land, we released the DVD "Brainwashing and remodeling to true slaves".

2019/5/16  Added 5 New Tools to PLAY TOOL.

2019/4/8   The photos for April 2019 were added to VISUALS.

20 19/4/6  Added 9 costumes to COSUTUME.

2019/4/3   Added 6 Tools to PLAY TOOL.

2019/3/28 Added Rubber Inflatable Sleep Sack to Additional Item.

2019/3/24 Added Genuine leather sleep sack & genuine leather whole head mask to Additional Item.

2019/1/17   Download of latest work starring at Mistress Land​.

Welcome to my FEMDOM and BDSM and fetish slaves.

I'm the Japanese Mistress Kira a.k.a. Domina Kira.

I am based in Osaka JAPAN.

I am a strict, sensual and a sadistic Dominatrix. 
I am a professional and experienced. 

I cater for most aspects of domination, 
entertaining everyone from the novices to the more experienced players. 

Whether it is for your personal, 
dark desires or you wish to learn or experience something new and exciting to spice up you. 

You will learn to me how to serve and obey properly.

I am strong beauty and friendly with a presence of a true and sophisticated, assertive lady. 

Submitting to me will come naturally. 
Study my website for an unforgettable domination experience and contact Me respectfully.

Because I am a Dominatrix : Mistress Kira

 Japanese Professional Dominatrix


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